A note from our Pastor Fr. Vincent Sullivan

I am one of a family of 9; I grew up with 4 brothers and two sisters in what was then –Rhodesia, a British colony that become independent in 1965. The country developed wonderfully to its heyday as the bread-basket of Southern Africa until the turbulent change to Zimbabwe –a black, majority ruling under President Robert Mugabe in 1980 –who is still in oppressive rule as an old man.

I was ordained a priest in 1983 at 28 yrs. old & was given 2 assignments over 7 years in the bush –remote regions in missionary activity whilst learning the language. During that time & in that region, Mugabe ran a brutal killing spree against his tribal oppositions & sympathetic missionaries…the subject of a book! [i]  My Archbishop was of the same tribe & was one of only a few voices speaking out bravely against these crimes to humanity. I was trying to be a priest & got a sabbatical year in the USA in 1990 which gave me great vigor to try again until 2002 in a number of different urban assignments. As pastor then of the Cathedral Church, it became dangerous residing with the Archbishop. He gave me excardination & I chose to apply to work for the Archdiocese of Atlanta where I have been now happily incardinated & had 5 assignments to date –starting, at the Cathedral!

I just love being a priest of the Lord because I get to identify with His broken Body in the people of God; & then get to see His amazing ways of love & reconciliation.

[i] The Eagle & the Cross, John L. Sullivan


 Deacon Curt Marsh is our Deacon.


Amy Friedman is our Church Secretary.


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